“Foundation For Christian Financial Fitness”




1) Education is the first and foundational component to a financially successful church. The membership and leaders will benefit from the teaching curriculum that Holistic Stewardship offers. This curriculum covers such topics as materialism, debt, investing, giving, estate planning, and also a societal view of stewardship, all from a biblical perspective. These lessons in biblical stewardship provide a soul-searching look at differences between God's viewpoints and man's teaching about money and possessions.

2) Counseling is critical for financially fit ministry. As the membership learns God's plan for their finances, they will also be applying the Holistic Stewardship vision in their own lives. We will work together on ways to promote God's financial plan to accomplish their financial goals through individual and group counseling by our experienced counselors.

3) Consulting for short and long-term strategies will take place as the organization begins to prosper and operate more efficiently in their finances. As the foundation has been laid through Education and Counseling, we now begin to set permanence in place by discussing the short term goals, long term goals, and other fiscal areas with the leadership. Consultation is crucial and is the final piece to help the organization for years and decades to come.

These three areas work together to lay the groundwork for the organization to reach its goals. Experience has shown that this is not an overnight process, and there will always be tough challenges to reach the next level of improvement, but that's where prayer, commitment, and patience comes in. And when God is part of the mix, all things are possible!

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