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What Does God Really Say About Money?

The short answer is, A LOT!! The truth is, there’s no financial manual, class or workbook that you can purchase that has more wisdom and instruction than the Bible! Holy Scripture offers more than 2300 verses on finances, wealth and possessions. Of the 38 parables taught by Jesus, 16 - almost half - deal with finances in some form. Putting these 2 facts together, the Word is a comprehensive manual for successful financial management.

The Greatest Financial Manual Ever Written: A Christian Guide to Finances

Money Management
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Funnies About Money

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Sobering Facts (Source: Barna.org, TimothyPlan.org)

  • 90% of families in the US spend more than they make
    (brings about debt, bankruptcy, etc.)
  • Over half of marriages end in divorce, and money problems are the #1 reason
    (over infidelity, abuse, and irreconcilable differences)
  • Only 9% of born again Christians tithed their income to churches in recent years.
  • When contributions are examined as a percentage of household income, giving to religious centers represents about 2.2% of gross income, almost 25% LESS than what was given during the Great Depression.
  • 30% of American adults earn $30K or less annually, but give the highest percentage of their income compared to those earning much more.

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