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In our years of working with establishing financially-free churches, we have found that there is a 3-fold collaboration for churches and organizations to be economically sound, which involves aligning the members, the leadership, and the institution itself to a single financial paradigm. All three have to be in perfect alignment to each other and with God’s vision to achieve true Financial Fitness. We pride ourselves in establishing and maintaining that alignment for churches and organizations. For more information about our services, email us.

About The Founder

Lloyd Martin is the founder of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Financial, a financial services company that focuses on economic empowerment, financial planning, and consulting for families, churches, and businesses. Mr. Martin’s passion lies in teaching debt free living, Christian Financial Stewardship, and financial coaching.

Some of his training expertise consists of giving financial workshops and classes at churches, schools, businesses, and organizations throughout the area. Some of his appearances include numerous conferences, radio talk shows, as well as television. He counsels and consults with churches in the region. He is also an instructor for the National Endowment for Financial Education, as well as being a certified Timothy Plan Biblical Stewardship instructor. He has earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Memphis, as well as a degree in Divinity from Union University.


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